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Our Activities

Nitrous Hackathon: is a one-week event that aims to create an educational environment that enables PwDs to create their own assistive tools with the help of the technical community. Nitrous Hackathon combines design thinking and technology through critical thinking, constant experimentation, human interaction, and learning through making. Combining these learning methodologies with technology allow the attendees to create assistive tools that overcome challenges that PwDs face in their daily lives.

Community Events: These are regular events where all the different types of makers, or those interested in making, and the community gather, through a series of talks, hands-on activities, and exhibitions. Project Nitrous team utilizes these events and exhibits the products with the following objectives: raise awareness about assistive technology, take feedback and build a community.

Nitrous Competition: takes PwDs on a journey from using technology to create assistive tools, to starting their own business using technology. During Nitrous Competition, PwDs gain interpersonal, technical, and leadership skills that not only allow them to start their own business but also increase their employability.

Join The Community: Nitrous aims to provide an inclusive and educational environment for its community members.

How to contribute to the sustainability of Project Nitrous?

You can contribute to Nitrous Sustainability by supporting Nitrous activities to ensure that Nitrous keeps adding more value by providing assistive tools and coaching programs to PwDs in Egypt. After testing different financial sustainability models, Nitrous team decided to utilize the know-how learned to assist other stakeholders, adding value and generating income for the project. This approach not only provides value to PwDs in the short term, but also it contributes to Projects Nitrous’ financial sustainability in the long term.